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Werkbund Hookah WT Black Stone Bowl

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The Werkbund Hookah stone head is made from a stone-clay mixture and goes through 3 firing processes to perfectly stabilize and harden the head. No dyes were used. This stone-clay mixture makes the head extremely stable. It also has the advantage that the head does not become soaked with molasses so quickly.

It took 4 months of research and development to manufacture this stone head. The result was a product that perfectly distributes the heat. The quality is particularly convincing for all Werkbund products.

Most common chimney caps can be used, but the stone head also works very well with aluminium foil. In addition, we can also highly recommend essays that are smoked with coal, such as the octopuz plankton, with the stone head.

Each individual Werkbund product is handmade and is therefore unique. As a result, the shape and colour of the head may differ from the illustration. In addition, each head has the Werkbund logo, the initials of the head and a production number.


  • Width: approx.6.5cm
  • Height: about 8cm
  • Deep tobacco depot: approx.1.8cm