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Shishagear Premium Silicone Hose (Make Your Own)

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The Shishagear Aluminium Silicone Hose is made up of two parts, the Aluminium mouth piece and the silicone hose, you get to choose your own combination of colours to suit your own style.

The Mouth Piece (Aluminium Stem)

High quality mouthpiece impresses with its unique design. This mouthpiece ensures optimum passage, whereby the hookah tobacco can develop its full flavour. The detachable and robust mouthpiece sits perfectly on the mouth and is easy to disassemble. It is easy to clean and maintain. The modern design helps users avoid breathing in the harmful rust flakes that build up in traditional hoses.

The Silicone Hose (Made in the UK)

Sourced in the UK, we looked hard for a good quality at a reasonable price, the tubing is crafted from a medical grade silicone like many other washable hoses, but the silicone goes through a beneficial platinum curing process. The high quality silicone fights flavors from latching onto the interior tubing, and with a quick rinse using water the hose is like new again. Using a hose as flexible as this one can cause pinches in airflow because of its elasticity hence it comes with a anti-kink spring. This spring can be removed if not needed.


1x Aluminium Stem (Mouth Piece)
1x Silicone Hose
1x Spring