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Sahara Smoke Drone Alpha Hookah - Pink


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All it takes is one quick glance to realize this pipe features a truly unique design that will stand out in any hookah collection. Looking more like something from a far off future rather than a shisha smoking device, the CNC machined Drone Alpha stands at a total assembled height of 19 inches tall and features a high quality stainless steel construction.

The stem is supported by three individual legs that allow for the threaded glass base to be suspended in midair when attached to the hookah, contributing to its futuristic aesthetic as well as ensuring increased stability when smoking.

Hidden within the Drone Alpha hub is an invisible purge system that allows you to easily and completely rid your base of any harsh or stale shisha smoke by gently exhaling through your hose.

The stainless steel down stem that extends into the base delivers smoke with ease and is resistant to both rust and corrosion (with proper maintenance). The Drone Alpha can also be disassembled into several pieces which also keeps cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

  • Height: 19"
  • Futuristic design
  • Machine made, stainless steel stem
  • Handcrafted glass base
  • Included Sahara Smoke Vortex bowl
  • Hidden purge valve design
  • Included washable silicone hookah hose

Alongside its unique design, the Drone Alpha hookah will come with some top notch accessories as well! You will receive a totally washable silicone hookah hose that plugs directly into the hub of this hookah without a traditional hose port; thus maintaining its clean aesthetic lines.

To clean the hose, just use hot water or lemon juice to rinse out any stained shisha flavors from past sessions. This allows each smoke session to remain as fresh as possible while allowing you to taste accurate flavor profiles from your tobacco.

You can also expect an upgraded hookah bowl to arrive as well! That's right folks, you'll also receive a Sahara Vortex bowl that helps keep the juice from your shisha inside the actually bowl (and not dripping into the base), allowing for a better tasting, longer lasting smoke session.

On top of the washable hose and upgraded bowl, you will also receive a set of tongs, a coal tray, all the grommets you'll need for an airtight session.


  • Handmade glass base.
  • High quality metal mast.
  • Hose.
  • Sahara bowl.
  • Charcoal tray.
  • Height of 50 cm.