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MattPear Simple S Pro Slim Hookah

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Hookah MattPear Simple S
Updated elements, enclosed in a familiar form, make the hookah stricter and at the same time more elegant. While maintaining a high level of quality, used new technical solutions to make the hookah even more practical, reliable and effective.

Vertical purge and universal flask connection
New style - new Simple S. The vertical blow jet adds aesthetics to both the appearance of the hookah and the smoking process. The blowing style is changed by an alternative jet.

Two options for installing the shaft on the flask: a threaded connection that is compatible with the original MattPear flask, as well as compatibility with any other flasks on the seal.

  • Diameter of a landing aperture of a flask: 45 mm.
  • Quick release saucer
  • Hookah Simple S is equipped with a lapping saucer. Threadless connection allows you to quickly clean the saucer from the ashes without having to disassemble or take away the hookah. Now you can remove the saucer together with the bowl in one motion for its replacement and cleaning. Change the bowl in the working area and return the saucer with the bowl to the hookah. Simple and fast!
  • Shaft height assembled (without flask): 500 mm
  • Shaft inner diameter: 10-12mm
  • The diameter of the seat in the flask (with seal): 44 mm
  • Mouthpiece length: 360 mm
  • Mouthpiece seat diameter: 12 mm
  • Hose connector seat diameter: 12 mm
  • Hookah weight assembled (without flask): 2100g