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HJ Shisha Flavour Saver

by HJ
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The Shisha Flavour Saver is an ingenious device that will not only allow you to smoke longer with better flavour, it can also increase the cloud output of your hookah. This low tech solution has extended hookah sessions and reduced harshness with results similar to the other heat management systems like the Kaloud Lotus.

How it Works:

The Flavour Saver is 1/4 inch thick when rested on top of your bowl. The coals are now elevated from the top of the bowl, giving your shisha an extra 1/4 inch of distance from the concentrated heat of the glowing coals. This prevents the shisha from burning and the smoke getting harsh or losing flavour.

The spiraled head of the shisha Flavour Saver creates a channel that locks the heat into the column of air directly above the bowl. You don't lose much ambient heat because most of that energy is trapped over the bowl and dispersed evenly through the hookah tobacco. Now you get to smoke longer with less harshness, more flavour and bigger clouds.

The design also includes an elongated handle to use while smoking. Using the handle, you can easily rotate your coals without using your tongs. This makes heat management very simple as you rotate the coals over fresh shisha while you smoke.

Made in the USA by Hookah John