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Hispacachimba HighFire Strip Bowl - Lizard

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Bowl of the Hispacachimba brand, HighFire Strip model. It is a high temperature StoneWare that provides better heat management, greater flavor and intensity of smoke, and better cooking of tobacco. It also provides a longer duration of the smoke and greater robustness and resistance to breakage.

It uses high temperature flux polishes that provide wonderful and unique finishes.

They are ideal to be used in Provost or aluminium foil giving good performance also with grid. It is compatible with both blond and black tobacco as it provides easy management for both types of tobacco.

It provides main characteristics such as:
  • "Better heat management"
  • "Greater flavor and density of smoke"
  • "Better cooking of tobacco"
  • "Longer duration of the smoke"
  • "Greater robustness and resistance to breakage"

Note:  The bowls of the HC range are made and painted by hand, so each one is unique and no two are exactly alike. As they are made by hand, they may have irregularities in their shape due to the craftsmanship.