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El-Badia M5 Hookah - Black Black

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The El-Badia M5 hookah is the latest model from the El-Badia brand. Measuring 43cm this is a mid-size model intended for frequent use. Resolutely modern, the El-Badia M5 hookah moves away from the style of traditional hookahs with its sleek design characterized by a streamlined vase and a valve system cleverly hidden under the plate. Nothing superfluous or ostentatious shines through in the styling of the M5. Its modernity is enhanced by the use of innovative materials. The column of the M5 El Badia is in fact made of stainless steel covered with an epoxy resin. The M5 hookah has a diffuser in order to make its draw more fluid (which is very appreciable on this model with a narrow neck).

The El-Badia M5 will be supplied to you with a silicone hose and an elegant handle whose resin handle is reminiscent of that of the column. This model is sold without fireplace.