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Antico Faenza Full Kit


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This Italian masterpiece hookah vase is totally handmade and hand painted in Florence, it comes with his bowl and his mouthpiece... a piece that cannot miss in the collection of a real hookah enthusiast.

It fits perfectly with any international hookah stem for 45mm internal diameters of the vase,

If you have a smaller hookah stem it is always possible to adapt it through the use of a fabric ribbon around the down stem.

* Stainless Steel Stem is NOT included.


Material: Italian terracotta;
Upper internal diameter: around 45 mm;
Internal height: 24 cm;
Weight: 2.2 Kg;
Upper outer diameter: 7.5 cm;
External height: 26.5 cm;

We indicate the following capacity:

  • 1.6 lt / 1.8 lt

These are the ideal measurements, but you can make the flow heavier by adding more water.


lengths: 38 cm;

weight: 0.3 kg:

material: Italian red clay;

Fit with any silicon hose


Material: Italian white clay;
Color: blue, yellow, white;
Bowl height: 9.5 cm;
Diameter: 8.5 cm;
Capacity: 12-20gr.