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Alpaca Company Mini Rook Bowl

by Alpaca
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This new Mini Rook bowl stands a 3 1/2" tall with a diameter of 2 1/2", and categorise this bowl as a shisha saver because of the shallow interior. You can enjoy countless session while using only 8g - 15g of flavour, this bowl is designed to be used with hookah foil.

The word "Rook" comes from the game of chess, and this particular object has a castle style head similar to the spire of the Rook Bowl.

This bowl is designed to function like a standard phunnel, so all of the juice stays inside your bowl and not in your down stem. These bowls are manufactured in the US, with high quality clay and lead free glaze.

The unique spire for this bowl wasn't added for the chess fans, it actually creates a phenomenal session. This 4 way air chamber allows the smoke to flow straight into the down stem, without the normal barrier of a standard phunnel spire. Always leave the air channels clear of any blockage.

These bowls are handmade and sizes may vary.